If unproductive meetings are a concern at your company, consider our Do's and Don'ts for making meetings more productive and less excruciating! 




Ask the meeting organizer, or yourself, these questions before the meeting:

  1. Is the meeting appropriate/necessary?
  2. Who needs to attend?
  3. What will be the agenda?
  4. What materials do I and/or the attendees need to have? by when? 

Take ownership and responsibility of how productive the meeting is no matter the role you play

Speak up when needed in a professional way

Implement a meeting structure aligned to overall project goals 

Use formats that allow a fun, ebb and flow from individual to group sharing or tasks


  • Ask staff to fly in for a status that could be done virtually
  • Make an entire team listen through other employees’ updates that really are for one-on-one discussions
  • Have legacy meetings only because it’s what the company has been doing forever or the previous boss was conducting those meetings
  • Assume other attendees can fill in for you without prior planning
  • Let attendees divert the focus of the meeting and go off on tangents

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