For our first episode we are discussing the thorn in everyone's side: Meetings.

Unnecessary meetings are easy to complain about yet difficult to avoid. We'll cover a few questions you can ask to make your next meeting more effective.

Key Takeaway: 

"It's everyone's responsibility to make sure meetings are effective. If they aren't, speak up and do something about it by changing your team's approach."

Meetings.  Nobody cares.

Meetings. Nobody cares.

Show Notes

If you're concerned about unproductive meetings at your company, consider our Do's and Don'ts for making meetings more productive and less excruciating! 


Ask the meeting organizer, or yourself, these questions before the meeting:

  1. Is the meeting appropriate/necessary?

  2. Who needs to attend?

  3. What will be the agenda?

  4. What materials do I and/or the attendees need to have? by when? 

Do these too:

  • Take ownership and responsibility of how productive the meeting is no matter the role you play

  • Speak up when needed in a professional way
  • Implement a meeting structure aligned to overall project goals 

  • Use formats that allow a fun, ebb and flow from individual to group sharing or tasks


  • Ask staff to fly in for a status that could be done virtually

  • Make an entire team listen through other employees’ updates that really are for one-on-one discussions

  • Have legacy meetings only because it’s what the company has been doing forever or the previous boss was conducting those meetings

  • Assume other attendees can fill in for you without prior planning

  • Let attendees divert the focus of the meeting and go off on tangents


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