Anne Molina and Austin Bauer

Anne Molina and Austin Bauer

We are Anne Molina and Austin Bauer.  As executive coaches we help you and your teams uncover blind spots and implement new tools that help you work together more effectively and enjoy the process. 

Anne is an Education Technology vet with a strong track record in partnerships and product development. Austin comes from the Advertising world, where he produced content for global brands like Sprint and Volkswagen. 

We came together to find out the biggest concerns of managers and executives. Through surveys with dozens of leaders in a variety of industries, seven key questions emerged that gave us the framework for our seven episodes. 

Listen to learn the tools and strategies of top executives through interviews with leaders at NetflixCigna Insurance and Civitas Learning.


Anne Molina is a high-energy and results-oriented leader, who is passionate about making a difference for other professionals. As an executive coach, she specializes in working with high-performing leaders and teams to get "unstuck" and to achieve breakaway performance. Anne offers a very unique way of listening for the root cause of common workplace woes, and using coaching to align actions with goals. Having been an executive previously, she gained a wealth of experience engaging employees, cultivating productive team dynamics, and developing growth plans.

Being an overachiever for the past 39 years, she not only completed her Master's degree, but also pursued project management training, spearheaded multi-million dollar projects, held executive positions, made numerous presentations, became an executive coach, head coached in seminars and created a podcast for managers. It is in her blood to continually expand, and expand the development of others.

Anne's impact is made through her enthusiasm and unwavering commitment.

“Anne is a phenomenal coach. I rate Anne as being in the top one percent of coaches for a few reasons. First, her energy is incredibly high. Simply working with her increases one's sense of possibility, confidence, and willingness to achieve high aspirations. Second, she has a wide and deep range of coaching skills to help CEOs and executives move forward to where they want to be and get results. She has mastered methodologies that span from extremely powerful strategies to help leaders and business owners shift perceptions that are holding them back, to approaches that build leadership presence and performance, to more logical approaches that allow her to be a sounding board to all levels of leadership. I can't say enough about her and can't recommend her highly enough. Give her a call to start the conversation and you will immediately learn what sets her coaching apart.”  - President, Training Institute


Experience, Education, and Affiliation Highlights

  • Vice President, Education Strategy and Innovation

  • Workshop presentations to University of Miami Toppel Career Center

  • Co-Creator of podcast, “Questions Managers Ask...and Why They’re Wrong”

  • Head Coach in Self-Expression Leadership Program, Landmark

  • Certified Executive Coach, ACTP

  • Master of Arts, Teaching/Training

  • Affiliate, International Coaching Federation


Austin Bauer is an executive and leadership coach who propels powerful breakthroughs that drive client performance beyond what they thought was possible. By aligning organizations’ mission and overall strategy with each individual's personal definition of fulfillment and success, he helps create win/win scenarios that lead to rapid growth, a more stable talent pool and a fun, dynamic work environment.

Using a nimble training style alongside deep listening and interviewing techniques, Austin engages individuals and teams from head to toe — stretching their mind to think of possibilities; getting them moving and charged up for action. 

In 2015 Austin became the first Professional Growth Catalyst at Los Angeles advertising agency Deutsch LA. In that role he coached over 100 executives, producers, account managers and creatives. He also designed and facilitated group workshops on business communication and public speaking.

As a speaker, facilitator and coach, Austin brings years of experience working with iconic brands and celebrity talent to topics like peak performance, creative process, group dynamics, and communicating with authenticity and influence. His company, Simple Progress LLC, consults with companies to prevent burnout, retain the best employees and streamline communication so they can do more with fewer resources.


Austin is one of the best listeners I've ever met. To repurpose the popular phrase, he can "hear between the lines" - picking interesting insights of our conversations that I never would have identified on my own. Our sessions always culminated with specific follow up actions that gave me the sense of accountability and achievement that I needed for growth." - Executive Vice President, Advertising Agency

"Austin is the Steve Jobs of mentoring (without the black turtle neck sweater and I'm pretty sure he has x-ray vision). He is an excellent listener and breaks down issues in the simplest form. He extrapolates the raw facts and marries that with logic and life experience. Austin is genuine in his mentoring, this is something rarely seen, he doesn't talk himself up, but he knows a ton and uses his energy for good. I recommend Austin to anyone who needs help making some of the most difficult decisions." - Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur


Experience, Education, and Affiliation Highlights

  • Founder and President, Simple Progress LLC

  • Former Professional Growth Catalyst, Deutsch LA

  • Co-Creator of podcast, “Questions Managers Ask...and Why They’re Wrong”

  • Facilitated peer learning initiatives at Morgan Stanley

  • Certified Executive Coach, ACTP

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC Certified Coach

  • Member, International Coaching Federation