This episode is a bit different and brings together the perspectives of several voices.

The top fear of managers an executives is not missing the numbers, but rather looking incompetent. This fear keeps people in a state of inaction. But as we discuss so often, it is only through focused action that you will achieve results.

Today's episode is a bit different. We interviewed people from a variety of industries and edited together their thoughts on how fear drives them - for better or worse.

Key Takeaway: 

"You can let fear hold you back, or you can use it as fuel for the fire. It is only through embracing your fears that you learn to overcome them."

Go ahead.   Venture forth.

Go ahead. Venture forth.

Show Notes

In this episode we spoke with professionals from multiple industries – marketing, advertising, insurance, visual effects, psychology, and human resources – about fear in the workplace.  

Research conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that the number one concern of a CEO was not meeting their numbers, but rather the fear of looking incompetent. 

We found the question, “Is fear controlling my decisions?” was a top concern asked by executives and managers. We already know that, yes, fear does have an impact on our decisions. 

The better question to ask is, When does fear control my decisions?” If you know when fear is taking over, then you can own the choices you make in those moments. By recognizing your own responses to fear, you can learn to interrupt those patterns and make better decisions in the moment.

No matter the title we hold at work, we are all human. Growth and success is based upon ongoing learning to take action regardless of the fears that arise.


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