Questions Managers Ask... and why they're wrong is a podcast that uncovers executives and managers' top concerns as leaders and provides new perspectives from experts in various industries.


We are Anne and Austin, your hosts and executive coaches. We started this project because despite working in different cities – Anne is in Miami and Austin in LA – we continued to hear the same questions from our clients.

So we surveyed dozens of clients, peers and leaders in a variety of industries to uncover the top concerns of executives. What emerged were seven key questions that served as the framework for our seven episodes.

Our aim is for you to walk away with new tools and perspectives that make the 'big' stuff at work a whole lot more manageable. We'd love to hear what you think.

                       Your hosts:  Anne Molina and Austin Bauer

                       Your hosts: Anne Molina and Austin Bauer

Listen here to learn more about why we started his project, or scroll down to hear all the episodes.

Patty McCord   | Principal,     Patty McCord Consulting  ( Former Chief Talent Officer,  Netflix)

 | Principal, Patty McCord Consulting (Former Chief Talent Officer, Netflix)

Mike Triplett |  Regional Segment President,   Cigna Insurance

Mike Triplett | Regional Segment President, Cigna Insurance

Charles Thornburgh  | CEO,   Civitas Learning

Charles Thornburgh | CEO, Civitas Learning